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The next time your friends ask “Why isn’t there a website for that?!” You can say, “There is!”

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Some of my favorite newsletters make money from sponsors and Amazon affiliate links, which is great. I want them to stay around. But One Useful Thing is different. It’s full of genuine personal recommendations from me and our readers, no strings attached. I like it that way. I hope you do, too. Maybe there will be a One Useful Thing book? Special paid-only issues? A do-it-yourself tattoo kit of our logo? It’s too early to say, but if there ever is, readers will be the first to know. (Alas, probably not the tattoo thing.)

About Keith

One Useful Thing is published by me, Keith Monaghan. I’m a researcher who works with creative teams on projects for companies like Nike, The CW Network, Unworthy, THX and more you may have heard of, and many you probably haven’t.

Before that I spent over a decade creating marketing and branding campaigns for technology companies.

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